Newborn Photography

Baby photography is not as easy as it sounds. Photography of an infant can come with many surprises. As the baby may not always be comfortable or be in a good mood, he or she can behave in a peculiar way. You have to be prepared for this. You should have your appliances ready and have to complete the assignment real fast. As otherwise, the baby may go into bad mood and make the photography session miserable.

newborn photography

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The problem with newborns is they usually do not smile. They usually are busy in sleeping, feeding, and crying. You need to be alert for those times when the baby is most settled or content. For a more personal point of view, get down to your baby’s eye level.

Remember that babies are tiny only for a very short time. It is unbelievable but true that you may forget how small the baby was in the beginning, so try to show your baby’s size in relation to the surroundings. For example, images of a baby’s hand in a family member’s hand are so poignant because they capture that sense of scale.

If you take photographs within four weeks of the birth, at that time, the child is very small and sleepy. In these photographs, the baby would be covered with woolens, if it is cold, and otherwise with clothes for protection from getting it’s clothing wet.

If you want to take photographs within the first 2 weeks of birth, the mood should be casual as the baby cannot pose as per the wishes of others. The intention is to capture natural images of the baby and the surroundings in the room.

While taking these photographs, you have to remember that babies are born with marks, scratches and not so smooth head. These should be camouflaged to guard these from the view of others.

One of the biggest challenges while taking photographs of babies is finding out the right angle to shoot the photographs. You can try different angles and finally you would find the right angle to take the photographs.

While taking the photographs, one has to make sure that proper lighting is there. Without proper lighting, the whole effort would be wastage of time.

Shoot pictures when the baby is in mood. That is probably after a nap and after a snack. 

It is always good to keep the background simple. The background with too many things clustered around does not look good.

Always try to include yourself in the photographs. The child in the photo will want to know in future what you looked like at the time of taking the photograph.

Take pictures in the settings which have meaning for you. Try to make the images personal to give them an even deeper resonance.

The memory of these photo shoots remain in the mind of the parents for a long time. When the child grows up, then the whole family goes through the album and discusses the incidents which happened during the shooting.

There are many options and alternatives in this subject of photography but bear in mind that you should be alert of the baby’s needs and mood.